About Us

COOL started broadcasting on the 1st of july 2010 and covers all Bethlehem area, parts of Ramallah and Jerusalem, parts of Hebron and also parts of Jordan. 


COOL is the first foreign language radio station in Palestine, which offers programs for foreigners residing in Palestine and in the whole world.  The reality of Palestinian issues, concerns and challenges are openly presented on FM 104 

COOL is the only Palestinian radio station that provides world news in English and a big variety of world music including old, modern and classics.


We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to our internet high quality unlimited broadcasting (www.coolfm.ps).

With us foreigners get continuous updates on Palestinian issues and news.


Our target groups are the youth and all the foreigners residing in Palestine.

Our future plan is to reach wider areas in Palestine and Jordan.  We will expand our programs gradually to include among others: talk shows, Intercultural programs,and programs for teaching foreign languages.

COOL is an independent radio station, ethically and objectively committed.